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With huge residential garage door maintenance experience, our technicians can take excellent care of your door. Has it been long since you last maintained it? Is there a noise and you want to get this chance to check the problem and maintain the door? For all maintenance needs, trust the work of our technicians at Garage Door Repair Katy TX.

If you want garage door maintenance in Katy, TX, we can definitely help you. All professionals in our local team are qualified, certified and well-trained to maintain all types of residential doors in Katy, Texas. We follow “by the book” instructions, regular checkpoints and the door’s specifications, but never overlook problems we detect during our inspection. After all, the main goal of our team is to tune up the door in order to keep it functional and enable it to move smoothly, and never bother you with problems and safety hazards.

The basic steps of our garage door maintenance service

What we first do during maintenance is to examine every single part of the door and opener. We test the reverse mechanism and the balance of the door. The results of this checkpoint allow us to understand whether there is need for sensors repair or alignment and garage door adjustment. The gear system, motor and chain of the opener are also checked. Sometimes, we need to change the settings at the opener panel. This is necessary when the door doesn’t close or open all the way and we must adjust the limit control switches. This step along with the photo eyes repair is perhaps one of the most important tasks during our garage door maintenance service. It seals the security of your house and your safety.

If we find any problems with the system during our inspection, we troubleshoot. The results of garage door troubleshooting enable us to detect problematic components and evaluate how to fix them. We do some repair work along with adjustments, tighten all fasteners to protect you from vibrations, and surely lubricate the parts. With expert and thorough work, our technicians cover your Katy garage door maintenance needs and expectations. Call to make an appointment today.

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